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My sculptures are 3-dimensional collages. In these assemblages I combine different parts that play with contrasting materials — ceramic and fiber, smooth and rough, hard and soft. Most of the pieces also combine different kinds of beings. I love the idea of blending human and animal forms, for example a piece with a human and a bird leg. We are all connected. 

I create, knit, crochet, sew, needle felt, hand build (stoneware and porcelain), and glaze all the parts. I enjoy working with clay and love glazing the ceramic pieces, and I very much enjoy the crafting aspect such as knitting and sewing. These, what are considered women's crafts, have always been a big part in my life and I am excited that I found a way to include the traditional fiber crafts into my sculptures. For fabrics I like to use repurposed antique tea towels and linens that I often dye with tea, coffee, or plant materials. I welcome the idea of including traditional crafts and materials in what we consider fine arts. Some of the inspiration I find in the carnival culture, which has been a big part in my life growing up and later when I was living in New Orleans.

Sculputures: Project
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